1-day hypnobirthing SOLO course (in English - without partner)

This hypnobirthing solo course is very practical, you will learn enjoyable and relaxing exercises to prepare yourself as best as possible for the birth of your baby. Our goal is to help you with releasing fears or worries en to gain trust in yourself, your body, your baby and the team supporting you. When you book this English  hypnobirthing SOLO course, you will receive course materials with which you can already start preparing. You will receive access to our digital platform where you will find 5 different hypnobirthing sessions to listen to, online lessons to start learning breathing exercises and the theory behind hypnobirthing and a hypnobirthing book to read.

This is a course for women only. Bookings by Alejandra

Course dates

ONLINE & LIVE Solo – 2 afternoons (1.00 am-4.15 pm by Alejandra)

  • New dates announced soon

BOOK NOW: € 199 all-in

What do you learn during a Mucha Mama’s hypnobirthing course:

  • Why a lot of women experience pain during birth
  • Explanation on the workings of the uterus
  • Explanation on the fight flight syndrome during birth
  • Deep breathing technique for your contractions
  • Breathing technique for relaxation
  • How you can avoid fear or anxiety during birth
  • The power of your thougths
  • Affirmations
  • Selfhypnosis
  • Visualisations for a better pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Releasing fear and stress
  • How you can relax easily
  • The different fases of birth and what actions to take during each
  • How your birthing partner can make a difference
  • What can you do if thing don’t go to plan
  • Special support and hypnosis in case of breach or transverse position
  • Special support and hypnosis to start labour naturally (and avoid induction)

Course includes:

  • Including e-book
  • 5 hypnobirthing mp3’s
  • Hypnobirthing video’s
  • Extra support for breech baby and induction
  • Online Lessons
  • Birth Plan
  • Practising Tabel
  • Follow-up session

Read more about our English teachers and location information:

Hypnobirthing Amsterdam

Rumah Yoga,
Distelweg 74c
1031 HH Amsterdam
amsterdam hypnobirthing location


Hypnobirthing cursus in Amsterdam en Aalsmeer door Alejandra

About Alejandra

I am passionate about empowering women in their experience of birth.

I’m a mom of two lovely girls. The transformation I have made during this process and becoming a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me.

With both births I imagined the most ideal pictures in my mind. Unfortunately with both it ended up with unplanned medical intervention in the hospital. What was very apparent though, is that even though things might not always be plain sailing, you can experience this in the most powerful, loving and beautiful way.

Also, your mind-set can make a big difference in how you experience this. Both of my birth experiences were beautiful, loving and very relaxing and even with the intervention I managed to follow my own intuition and use the hypnobirthing techniques.

How you can do this for yourself, during your birth, I will teach you during one of the 2-day courses online which I would love for you to attend with your partner.

The course includes relaxation- and breathing techniques, visualisations, fear release, affirmations and much much more.

Come and join us and empower yourself in the journey of birth.

I look forward to sharing these tools with you during one of my enjoyable courses. Enjoy your pregnancy and looking forward to hopefully meeting you soon!